About Alicia


A little about me…

For my full-time profession, I have been working with children as a Speech-Language Pathologist for about 20 years. I love to learn new things, flip about on trampolines, and I’m constantly creating new things in the kitchen. My friends frequently come to me for advice about work, family, relationships, you name it! It’s been quite the natural progression from learning/discussing/practicing The Rules with friends to sharing them with you! My friends and I are true, passionate believers in The Rules. They work. Plain and simple. They just make your life easier!

Are you married?

Yes! A Rules Girl through and through, I followed the advice of Sherrie and Ellen and have been VERY happily married for four years AND we have the sweetest toddler!

A little history: I am divorced, and “unengaged.” When I got divorced back in 2005, I realized that I had never really been part of the dating scene as I had married my high school boyfriend. I needed some guidelines! That’s when I found The Rules. The Rules have made a huge difference in my life, and not just my dating life. The Rules have helped me establish boundaries within all of my relationships, both personal and professional.

A true believer in The Rules, I decided to become a Rules Certified Dating Coach in June of 2015 and have been professionally dispensing advice since.

How will you give me advice about dating when you’re married?

I was there, my friend. With you in the trenches for years, wanting to throw in the towel. Testing whether The Rules were always right or whether there were exceptions. Getting dressed up and heading out on a cold night instead of hiding away in my apartment munching snacks and vegging in front of the TV. Watching that phone, willing it to ring or light up with a text. Trying all the dating apps and sifting through (literally) hundreds of time-wasters. I remember what it was like to be in your (pinching, sexy) shoes; I spent a lot of time in them. I am here to tell you: there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I have seen the Rules work over and over again and I just can’t wait to help you through the dating world to find The One.

So let me help you learn, relearn, or practice The Rules. The quest for Mr. Right doesn’t have to be full of mystery and heartache. The Rules open your eyes and shed light on why men do what they do (or don’t do). Your time is precious; they won’t be able to waste it anymore when you’re a Rules Girl!


We can also explore the world of being CUAO when you’re married! You were “hard to get” but now is the time to practice the “easy to be with” part. You don’t have to go it alone.