As a Rules Girl, or CUAO as my support group and I like to say, (the words are interchangeable) we have a certain vocabulary we use to make conversations more efficient. I have included some below so we can all be on the same page.

The Rules (TM)– A dating/relationship philosophy, steeped in tradition, consisting of a list of tried and true rules; a healthy way of life

Buyer Beware– a man that exhibits “bad” relationship behavior. (i.e. neglectful, abusive, overly critical, threatens a breakup, etc.)

CUAO– Creature Unlike Any Other. Please refer to Rule #1 for complete details. AKA Rules Girl (RG).

Date Zero– the first preliminary date with a man we have met through a dating site, and have never met in person.

Dead Zone– the period of time between 6:00PM Friday to 6:00PM Sunday in which we do not answer or respond to phone calls, texts, or emails from men

Next!– when we wash our hands of a crummy relationship, and move on to better!

Poof– to disappear or stop communicating, often without warning

Rules Girl (RG)– A woman that does The Rules

Rules-y– to behave or act in accordance with The Rules

*This list is not all-inclusive of a CUAO’s vocabulary; we can add to it as we go. Please feel free to let me know if you’d like to see something added to the list!